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Comment Dates Set for Further Inquiry of Open Internet Proceeding Regarding Managed Services and Wireless Broadband–Comments Due Oct 12; Replies Due Nov 4

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Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission announced that its recent Open Internet Public Notice, which seeks comment on two “under-developed issues” in the Open Internet Proceeding, was published in the Federal Register, thus setting the comment cycle for this public notice.  Comments are due October 12 and reply comments are due November 4.

As we discussed earlier here, the Open Internet Public Notice is part of the Open Internet proceeding, which was initiated on October 22, 2009 and designed to impose “network neutrality” rules on Internet service providers, including nondiscrimination obligations, limits on network management techniques, and disclosure requirements. This Public Notice seeks additional comments regarding (1) “managed” or “specialized” services, and (2) open Internet principles for mobile wireless services.