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Do Not Track bill introduced in Senate; Follows earlier privacy bills introduced by Kerry and Stearns

Posted in Privacy and Cybersecurity

On Monday, Sen. Rockefeller introduced new legislation authorizing the FTC to enact regulations over the collection and use of personal information obtained by online tracking tools that track individual online activity.  The "Do Not Track" bill follows the recent FTC report on privacy  (which we discussed here) outlining a new framework for privacy protections and a do-not-track mechanism.   The text of the bill is not yet publicly available, but other information about the bill may be found here.

The Do Not Track bill follows earlier privacy bills introduced last month by Sen. Kerry and Rep. Stearns that focus on notice and disclosure requirements for collecting and sharing personal information.  Those bills are available here (Kerry) and here (Stearns).  We also posted an in-depth perspective on these bills here.