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FCC Seeks Comment on Extending E911 Rules to One-Way Outbound-Only VoIP, Improve Location Capability of Inteconnected VoIP

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UPDATE: The FCC has released its order and notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the issues discussed below.  Note also that the Commission has also requested comment on whether to revise the definition of "interconnected VoIP" to include calls made over any "Internet connection" (thus capturing VoIP calls over dial-up) and/or calls that connect to domestic telephone numbers (US E.164 numbers) rather than just… Continue Reading

Comment Period Set for FCC’s Proposal to Extend Network Outage Reporting Regulations to Interconnected VoIP and Broadband ISPs

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The FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to extend outage reporting requirements, currently imposed on legacy circuit-switched telephone and paging services, to interconnected VoIP providers and broadband ISPs, was published today in the Federal Register, thus setting the comment period for this proceeding, but more importantly, establishing yet another attempt to regulate Internet networks through the… Continue Reading